First things first, we need to get to know you. This setup call with your Primary is where we cover what you are doing now and what systems (if any) you are using now. We establish your preferred method of communication and ongoing schedule.


We gather all the info we are going to need to start setting up your account systems and identifying your sales area. There are a lot of factors that play into this part of the process. You will direct us where you want to be doing business and we will run the numbers. Together will will identify your optimal sales area based on real numbers and your area knowledge.


We start the process of bringing you qualified leads. This is where most of our time is spent. We will explain what we are doing during your daily calls with your Primary. You will use that daily call to ask questions, make requests and get updates on what is happening.

3 plans to choose from

You will receive the same level of service on all three plans.



Daily Call w/Primary

Data mining

Calling potential deals

Access to our funding

35hr /week



Daily Call w/Primary

Data mining

Calling potential deals

Access to our funding

48 hours /week

Super Charged


Daily Call w/ Primary

Data Mining

Calling of potential deals

Access to our funding

60 hours /week

The real difference here is you and your commitment to real estate investing.

Each plan starting with the Basic goes up in hours /week.  The greater amount of hours you choose the greater amount of leads you will get. There is a lot of work done on our end to make this happen.  The hours listed are not hours you will be "assigning" in the form of to-do's or tasks to us.  Its actually the hours we will be working on your behalf. The "list of tasks" needed to bring you real estate investing leads are already set. The team is already trained and ready to go.  These hours are what we allocate to your team on existing tasks.  When the hours run out they stop.  Pick your plan based on your commitment level not how many hours you think you will need.  We have already taken care of all the back end.  We will handle the "hours" you focus on closing the deals we send you. 



    Your daily call with your Primary is crucial to your success. This call gets everyone on the same page with everything that is happening with your account. Your Primary will update you on how the data mining is going, if there is anything that needs your immediate attention. Give you updates on deals you are currently working and answer questions you might have about the overall process.


    Data Mining is the single most important part of being a real estate investor. This is where we find potential deals, scrape the data to make sure the deal will work. Refine the contact info so the callers can get the right person on the phone before handing it off to you. Your Primary will manage this whole process and with your daily call, will update you with the info you need before connecting with the owner of the property.


    There is nothing worse than being told about a potential deal, getting your info ready, preparing to close a deal and finding out the contact info is wrong… That is why we do it for you, we will call the leads and various contact numbers for you. We will identify the correct contact info before passing it on to you. This will allow you to focus on closing deals, not all the mundane crap that had to be done leading up to the call.


    One of the issues Real Estate investors run into is having the capital on hand to make the deal happen. If this is not an issue for you then no problem, use your own money when closing your deals. If this is not you and you will need cash for your cash offers then you have come to the right place. We are happy to offer our funding and expertise when structuring a deal. When the time comes your primary can help with this part of the process.


    The hours /week are kind of self explanatory. The more hours we spend data mining, calling and other back-end admin tasks the more deals you will make. We offer the same great system and staff for each plan. The only real difference is how many hours we allocate to your account. After the set period you can move to any of these plane that you would like.